9 Sins of Compactor Monitoring Systems and How to Avoid Them

9 Sins of Compactor Monitoring Systems and How to Avoid Them

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9 Sins of Compactor Monitoring Systems and How to Avoid Them
Compactor Monitoring Systems

Confessions: How I Got Addicted to Compactor Monitoring Systems A comprehensive asset management package should include compactor monitoring systems to prevent waste-related problems and increase efficiency. Monitoring a compactor’s performance reduces repair costs by preventing premature failure and minimizing the need for replacement parts. Smart sensors can help detect patterns and outliers, such as low oil levels, high oil temperature, disconnected hoses, photo eye blockages, or misuse and inefficiencies. These systems also include cycle counts.


OnePlus Systems offers Internet-based monitoring and security solutions for waste container and compactor units. The company was founded in 1991 and has been pioneering networked waste container and compactor monitoring solutions since that time. Its technology can help companies save money, increase operating efficiency, and provide visibility into daily operations. Its products can also help companies optimize their waste hauling and storage processes. Read on to find out more about the company’s innovative technologies and how they can benefit your business.

The company has been making smart waste monitoring solutions for 30 years, and recently acquired Smartbin, a company that specializes in waste and recycling collection and management. The combined company will have headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and Chicago. Its products can help organizations improve their processes by knowing when their bins are full. SmartBin offers remote monitoring for compactors and bins, allowing them to track fill levels and manage their operations more effectively.


To improve the efficiency of your waste collection processes, consider installing a SmartBin compactor monitoring system. SmartBin wireless sensors monitor the fill levels of waste bins. Additionally, they measure the presence of solid materials, waste oil, and lubricants. These sensors require zero maintenance and come in a rugged, non-corrosive shell. More than 100 customers worldwide, including municipal and private waste collectors, trust SmartBin’s waste compactor monitoring system to boost productivity and profitability.

A SmartBin compactor monitoring system consists of a communication module, three level sensors, and a feedback sensor. Three of these sensors are inserted between the outer cover and the main container. The sensors then send data to a microcontroller, which manipulates the data. In the event of a hand movement, a feedback sensor will stop the compactor. A ZigBee router will allow a bin to communicate with multiple smart devices, increasing its working range.

Pandora Compactor Monitoring Systems

The Pandora compactor monitoring system combines remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and asset management functions into one integrated platform. By tracking machine health, it allows companies to compare the efficiency of their compactors and reduce costs. The system also enables companies to identify invoice errors and align warranties to actual usage. Notifications are sent via e-mail and SMS, and can be viewed in a web portal. Aside from helping businesses reduce costs, Pandora also helps customers identify the causes of compactor breakdowns and schedule service calls in advance.

The integrated Marathon Pandora Compactor Monitoring System enables remote monitoring of compactors. The system uses hardware and software to deliver real-time data 24 hours a day. The data can be used to improve waste management costs, prevent equipment downtime and decrease the carbon footprint. In addition to reducing costs, this solution also prevents downtime, improves energy efficiency and helps companies save money by reducing carbon footprint. To get started, contact your local dealer.

Waste Edge

One Plus Corp. has introduced its new Wireless Waste Edge Compactor Monitoring System. This system uses the largest national cellular service to monitor the contents of any industrial/commercial waste compactor. If the compactor’s container is full, the system automatically sends a request for pickup. It also allows for remote alerts if the compactor’s performance is not up to manufacturer specifications. These systems are ideal for companies that want to keep track of their waste compactors and eliminate the need for a full truck every week.

This system is easy to install and requires no hydraulic lines. The hardware attaches to the control panel of the compactor. It records all activity related to the compactor, including energy usage, directional valve shifts, safety door switch activation, and more. This solution is designed to be user-friendly so that employees can operate it with gloved hands. It’s not difficult to set up and install and provides comprehensive reports on waste compactor performance.

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